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Welcome to Rebel Source

Not every blogging platform needs a guide but this one does. Don't worry, it's short.

Welcome to Rebel Source

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Why another blogging platform?

As a software developer myself, I search the internet for useful content, learning material or solutions to problems. One of the issues that bothered me is that I could not execute any code on any blogging platform or personal blogs, with some exceptions. Most of the blogs out there put links to external code editors like codepen.

So we created a blogging platform that allows you to create executable code snippets and an integrated code editor that allows you to plugin entire projects for you blog. This will allow you to make your blogs much more robust and professional. 

For example, below is a snippet of javascript. Try executing it. 

Cool right? For now, we have 15 programming language that are at your disposal but more are coming. Also, with time and your support, we will also create support for frontend development and package documentation.

We hope you will like it and consider using it. Your support would give us a great boost to create, upgrade and build more great features that you will hopefully love. 

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Hello, visitor.

This blogging platform is created specifically for software developers. We aim to support many more programming languages and development environments but for that, we need your support. If you like this blogging platform, consider using it to write your blogs.

We tried to make your experience of creating blog as painless as possible soSign in and give it a try.



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